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Changing the Way Fleets Change Fluids
The ESOC Series 900 is a revolutionary system that dramatically reduces your labor time and costs. It keeps your vehicles out of the shop and on the road. In addition, it is safer for your technicians and better for the environment. Don't waste any more valuable time changing your oil the conventional way. With our Quick Oil Change Technology, an oil change with the Series 900 can be completed in less than 10 minutes, saving you approximately 20 minutes on every oil change performed.

The Environmentally Safe Oil Change is a revolutionary new closed loop technology that uses air to purge used oil from the vehicles filter and passages while the engine is being evacuated, and replace it with clean oil; using minimal time and labor. But speed and productivity aren't ESOC's only advantages. Look at benefits to the right.  You'll Never Change Oil The Same Way Again.

The oil change process is virtually automatic, which allows your technicians to perform other tasks while the Series 900 changes the oil. With these cost savings, the Series 900 will quickly pay for itself. The manager of an average 100-truck fleet can expect to recover the costs in well under a year and continue to see the benefits for years to come.


Oil Change In Under 10 minutes
Reduce labor time and labor costs
Less Down Time
More up-time
Quick Connect No Spill Drain Fittings
Less mess, "ZERO" spill
Minimal Technician Involvement
Automatic process
Eliminates operators contact with oil
Allows technician to perform other task while machine is operating
Management Controls (Optional)
Oil totals-by day, week, month, and year
Track oil inventory more closely
Oil Sample Automatically Drawn
No oil sample contamination
Pre-Lubed Engine
Less wear on engine
Instant Oil Pressure
Upon restart, eliminates bearing burn to improve engine life
Engine gets a "Hot Start"
56”x22”x24” (H/W/D)


Spill-Free Drain Fitting Applications
The ESOC Spill-Free Drain Fitting has many applications.  Currently we are
marketing it to the diesel engine
market.  If you have
on-highway trucks,
off-highway vehicles,
power generators,
refrigeration units, 
buses, etc., ESOC 
can dramatically 
productivity, save
time and give
you zero mess.

Amazingly Simple 5-Step Process

1. Connect the Series 900.
The oil exchanger is hooked up to the on-board device by means of two hoses with quick-connect fittings. The Spill-Free fittings are designed so that it is impossible to have a wrong connection.
2. Program The Series 900.
The oil exchanger is programmed by easy-to-follow on-screen instructions. When the start button is pushed, the Series 900 takes over.
3. The Series 900 purges used oil.
The Series 900 sends purged air to the inlet side of the filter, forcing the used oil out of the filter and out of the lubricating passages down into the oil pan. Simultaneously, the used oil is being evacuated from the oil pan into a suitable waste oil container, and an oil sample can be automatically drawn.
4. Simply remove the old filter and replace it with a new filter.
After the purged air stops the oil exchanger signals (audible and on-screen) that the engine is now clean of waste oil. At this point, the used oil filter can be replaced with a new one - even while the oil is still being evacuated. Because the used filter has been purged, it can be removed without spilling oil.
5. The Series 900 then fills the engine with fresh, clean motor oil.
After the used oil is removed from the oil pan, the pump stops automatically. By following the on-screen instructions, a pre-selected amount of fresh oil is introduced through the inlet side of the oil filter pre-filling the oil filter, lubricating oil passages with fresh filtered oil and finally the crankcase. At the start-up, the oil filter is full and the oil passages inside the engine are pre-lubricated with a film of clean, fresh filtered engine oil.  Upon engine start-up you will notice the instant oil pressure from your on-board oil pressure gauge.

At this point, you could begin the process on the next vehicle and see how much money you saved.

Contact an ESOC representative to get more information about the Series 900.

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